Subscription Model

OUP eBooks are offered on a subscription access model for a duration up to 2 years. Individual licences are provided to students and their teachers. In this model, the eBooks perform the function of a textbook and each student gets access to the eBooks through their personalized login ID.

Add Notes and Highlights: Students can add their own resources into the study area in the eBooks solution. This will function as a virtual study desk. Students can digitally add notes, images, videos and links and have them all available at one place. Learning resources can be customized and shared with friends.

Multi Device Support: OUP eBooks can be accessed from a wide range of devices – Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile phones.

Offline Reading: Students can access an eBook on two devices (laptop and mobile) for offline reading.

Share with Fellow Students: Learning material (which contains highlighted material from a text page) can be shared through mail or social media apps.