Higher Education Authors

The backbone of the HE publishing programme is its market research that involves syllabi research and gathering information from faculty and students on their requirements.

Selection of authors is based on the author affiliation, their experience in teaching the subject, and most importantly, the ability of the author to give good original content as per OUP standards.

A robust review process, that involves obtaining reviews from reviewers from different parts of the country with relevant experience in the subject area, ensures that the manuscript submitted by the prospects is examined carefully to ensure technical correctness and level specificity. 

Book Proposal

If you would like to develop a textbook for our Higher Education publishing programme, please send us your proposal giving the following details

•    Proposed title with brief description (5-10 pages)
•    Intended readership
•    Content outline
•    A copy of your CV
Please note that OUP India's current Higher Education publishing priorities are in the areas of engineering, computer science, business management, commerce, hospitality and allied disciplines.