Unique Features

What do OUP eBooks offer for students?

Contextual Search - Recommends relevant content in real time

There is a built-in contextual recommendation engine that suggests content based on individual needs. While exploring the solution, if there are learning resources that a student finds useful, it can be added as a digital pin onto the book, which can be revisited later. All learning materials including media files can be bound together to form a digital book. The contents of this book can be edited and managed, like in the real world.

Digital Pinning - Add Pins next to a topic and recall in one swipe

The interactive reader allows students to augment their books with digital pins, the way it is done on a physical book. Students can use the Add (+) button on the reader to add videos, links, notes or images right next to the topic as a digital pin. Students can nest documents contextually and create their own learning paths.

Easy Revision - Aggregates all added pins and highlights of a book

The eBook reader aggregates all the added pins and highlights of the entire book at one place, which is then easily accessible in a single swipe. All the learning needs of a student can be stored in a single place—this helps in revision anytime, anywhere.

Download Chapters

Students can search for any topic to find relevant content/books in the in-built bookstore.

App Integration

The solution is integrated with most of the popular social media apps.